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Suite 050-14, Place du Commerce Verdun H3E 1T5 France


Our Mission and Objectives

Our mission:

At Garderie Educative Sur L’isle, our mission is to provide children with a stimulating and enriching environment that sees to their well-being and safety.

In particular:

  • We ensure the health and safety of children.
  • We provide a clean and hygienic environment for their development.
  • We encourage every child to follow their natural aptitudes.
  • We recognize and respect each child’s pace of development and fields of interest.

We provide key experiences to promote self-esteem and interactions with the other children.


Garderie Éducative
Notre mission
Notre mission
Notre mission

Our objectives:

Garderie Educative Sur L’isle encourages the development of children at
all levels. This includes:

  • Emotional development: To build self-awareness, responsibility and control.
  • Social development: To promote cooperative play and communication skills.
  • Physical development: For gross and fine motor coordination.
  • Sensory development: To encourage skills such as creative expression, music, colours, taste and smell.
  • Cognitive development: To encourage learning, including language, numbers, time, space and nature.

Garderie Educative sur L'isle

Suite 050-14, Place du Commerce

Verdun H3E 1T5


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