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Summer Camp for Kids

Located on Nuns' Island, Garderie Educative sur L'isle offers unique and multi-sensory experiences to children through summer camps.

We welcome children to discover our activities whether you live in Verdun or the environs.

Camp d’été Ile des soeurs,
Camp d’été Verdun

Our activities mix fun and learning

Our summer camp program revolves around four areas of interest: Music, language, cooking and wilderness camping, especially aimed at children over 4 years old. Our activities are conceptualized to meet your child's early education needs, regardless of age, abilities and interests. To register, make an appointment with us! We look forward to helping your child enjoy fun and intellectually stimulating first hand experiences.

Our activities are designed to address all levels of your child's development

Our mission

Through our childcare and nursery education services, we aim to:

  • Encourage the well-being and development of children aged 0-5 years
  • Organize programs adapted to meet the needs of young children
  • Offer childcare services that see to the health and safety of children
  • Encourage communication between parents and our childcare providers

Our priority is to offer quality childcare and nursery education services

We offer:

  • Educational programs adapted to the needs of children
  • A safe, warm and healthy environment
  • Varied and stimulating materials recycled every month
  • Seasonal menus prepared with fresh ingredients

For more information about our services, contact us!

Garderie Educative sur L'isle

Suite 050-14, Place du Commerce

Verdun H3E 1T5


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